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Get a Free HTML Hit Counter for Your Website

Get a free web page hit counter for your web site. Add one of our attractive hit counters to your website and you'll be able to immediately find out how many visitors are coming to your website. Our web page hit counters are simple to install on your site and very reliable. So get started today by selecting a hit counter design below that you would like to appear on your website.

(Note: Our hit counters may not be used on password protected pages.)

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Why a Hit Counter is An Important Tool

Why select one of our free website hit counters? Depending on the type of site you¿re operating, you may not be interested in how many people are stopping by to visit you. However, if you¿re in any type of web-based business, then knowing how many people have visited you is a very important statistic that you need to know about.

Understanding your traffic flow allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO and other trafficking methods. It can tell you if your new social media campaign has been successful, or if your PPC advertising is failing in terms of impressions vs. CTR. This information can make or break your business hopes.

Not only for businesses and their bottom line, but perhaps you¿re running a charitable website or you could be releasing urgent information in a news-type format. Viewing your traffic is something you will need, and one of our hit counters will not only relay this information, but the cool design choices are sure to flow with any style you have.

Website Analytics Put Your in the Driver¿s Seat

Any free website analytics tool you have at your disposal is a powerful weapon in your advertising arsenal. You have to face the facts that websites are truly a dime a dozen. No matter how rare and unique your site is, it falls into a niche with thousands of other websites out there. Only the owners compiling their data and combing carefully over the analytics will be successful in rising to the top of the pack.

Any site you see with a high ranking on any search engine earned that spot because they understood what needed to be done. They viewed their analytics, gauged their traffic numbers, witnessed how people were getting to their site and which keywords they were using, and they optimized their site for the market.

It¿s something that seems rather complicated, but the process all starts with viewing vital statistics like the amount of traffic your website is pulling in. And starting out with something as simple as a hit counter can really set your upward climb in motion.

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